School Profile

Chumey community had no institute for learning before the inception of this school. Families, who could afford to send their children, sent to Jakar, then a lower secondary school. Those children were the fortunate boys and girls. Many families could not afford to do so.  Those unfortunate children were deprived of educational opportunities and remained ignorant.  On May 19, 1983 the establishment of this humble institute of learning came as blessing to the community. The Community now finally had a school of their own….!  A school with a C-Shape academic block and double storied hostel blocks (the upper floor was used as dormitory for the girls and boys, the ground floor for dining room); with kitchen and store adjoined, was built with community’s contributions. The community happily sent their children to avail education.

 For almost fifteen years, it served as a primary school until it was upgraded to a Lower Secondary School in the year 1998. The up gradation came in response to the increase in the number of children and the Royal Government policy to provide secondary education from its respective Dzongkhag. It was again in the beginning of the 2001 academic session, she was upgraded to a middle secondary school. Till the present, following its up gradation, the school enjoys unprecedented peace and harmony. 

The school was given a modern outlook by constructing new infrastructure with financial assistance from the World Bank. Today we have the best infrastructure very conducive for healthy learning. Being located along the east-west lateral highway, there is easy access to the road network and communication facilities.  The school reaches out to children of different age groups by offering classes ranging from PP- X. It also provides boarding facilities as well.

With the initiative to revamp the education system through the establishment of Central schools, our school was identified to be one on the reason of adequate facilities. It was in the Annual Education Conference of 2016, that its up gradation was approved. It serves as parent school to Gyatsha PS, Zungye PS and Chungphel ECR. The school also offers Vocational curriculum in affiliation with Technical Training Institute, Chumey located 4km away. The school is identified to be TVET Premier School and will be upgraded to higher secondary school in 12th FYP.

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